Almost Halloween

Jack ‘o lanterns decorate my neighbor, along with scarecrows and witches. The weather in New Orleans is beautiful-cool and low humidity. It’s my favorite time of the year, and my birthday was earlier this week.
Writing went by the wayside on my holiday. The night before the cruise I slipped and fell in the hotel pool in Barcelona. Three hours in an emergency clinic confirmed what I already knew: I broke my little toe on one foot and wrenched the other knee. What fun. I spent a lot of time being shoved around in a wheelchair by my husband. We had fun, but not quite the trip we’d planned.
Since I’ve been home, besides seeing orthopedic doctors, I’ve had a killer cold that is just now fading away. Today is the first day I’ve done any writing. I’m submitting The Red Halter Top to a couple of digital presses with my fingers crossed. Elise wants me to edit The Third Wife and submit it, too. Busy Busy.
Don’t have any excerpts to share today. Thanks for reading.

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