Make March Clean-Up Month

IMG_0294Greetings – I’m starting with a picture of my year-old Lab, Caesar. A happy dog with stick. Just to catch your eye. Everyone loves happy dogs, especially when they’re not chewing up sticks and roots they’ve scrounged up in the yard to scatter debris on your rugs.

To the point:  Here we are coming up on Easter and my last post was before Christmas? Egads! I hope your new year is moving along with good news, good results, and happy days. This post is about getting your A__ moving. Remember your big plans for 2013. How’s it going?
We human beings are often willing to let things slide. I remember a boss I worked for as a secretary years ago. He’d have a To Do box on his desk and let stuff sit there without doing anything with the issue or the letter or the whatever.
Being a Type A type, I’d nag him to handle these things. He’d smile and ignore me. One day he told me that if he left them there long enough, he didn’t have to do anything.
Is that what you do? Leave a project unfinished until it’s so old you can just dump it? Unfinished novels, incomplete re-organization projects (one friend is just now doing her taxes for 2009??), UFPs (UnFinished Projects) – the label quilters give to those half done quilts.
These things suck your energy, prey on your mind, some keep you awake at night-worrying, and just generally clutter your home, your office, and your brain.
Make this month the one you clean them out – either throw them away, donate the fabric, yarn, etc., or Goddess Be Praised — FINISH THEM!!
Let me know if any of this resonates with you.

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