Are you a Sports Fan?

Glorious weather in New Orleans-Azaleas in full bloom.

Glorious weather in New Orleans-Azaleas in full bloom.

Just a beautiful azalea to catch your attention. Couldn’t find a free picture of a football player.

I’ve been a NFL fan for years and years. I loved the Colts when they were in Baltimore; Indianapolis, not so much. But I liked Peyton Manning because he’s a New Orleans boy. It’s hard to see him in the Bronco’s road pylon orange uniform. I like Eli, too, with the Giants, and I enjoy the enthusiasm of their coach, Tom Coughlin. But, back to the current Baltimore team. I moved out of Baltimore a long time ago, but I still have family there. I was glad to see them win the Super Bowl this year, played in New Orleans, by the way. Ray Lewis was great–what a cheerleader.
The news today is that he’s now going to work for ESPN. Not a surprise. He looked very tricked out in his glasses and likely a very expensive suit, black with a dove gray vest. The money these guys make, I’d hope they’d dress well.
The most distressing news today, however, is that the New Orleans Saints have lost Jermon Bushrod – our left tackle, to the Chicago Bears. Remember the book/movie The Blind Side?. I can’t think Drew Brees is thrilled. At this point, we only have this guy Brown for the job and he’s been hurt more than he’s been well.
I also like professional tennis. Got turned on when the Williams sisters began winning several years ago. They still do pretty well. And I like to see almost anyone beat Federer, especially Rafael Nadal.
And this time of year, I’m left with the NBA – but I like the playoffs. The regular season games aren’t too exciting, except for the string of wins accumulated by the Miami Heat.

What sports do you enjoy? And Why? Any hockey fans? Not much interest in that here in New Orleans. It’s too hot, and I’ve never figured out what’s going on in a hockey game anyway, except fighting.

One thought on “Are you a Sports Fan?

  1. Coming from a family that was really into sports (one of my uncles was a high school football coach and almost every member of my family played some kind of sport) I was infected by the bug. I don’t keep up with it like I used to, but I’m a huge Saints fan. Football is my favorite and Drew Bree’s is my all time favorite player. He is just a really awesome athlete, but he is also the best quarterback in the NFL. I do like basketball, but oddly enough I really don’t keep up with it. I keep up at the high school level because one of my granddaughters plays. I love soccer and I was a big hockey player when I lived in Texas… They don’t have a hockey team here so I’ve kind of lost interest, but I still attend games with my kids when I go home. I love the Olympic Games, both winter and summer. I always look forward to that. I ran track in school and played basketball. i played tennis too, but I was really bad at it. i couldnt serve. i was never good at baseball either. my oldest granddaughter plays soccer, the middle one plays basketball and the youngest plays softball. At sixty four, i still get out and play with the kids when the weather is nice. it blows them away LoL Btw, I loved the picture of the azaleas… Beautiful!


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