Red Letter Day-First Publication

Today is the DAY. My novella, THE RED HALTER TOP, is out – available on Amazon. Whoopee, Dancing and Singing. Red Halter Top 5 final copy 72 DPI
In the meantime, Spring is almost over in New Orleans. Azalea bushes are finished and returning to big, boring bushes that now need to be trimmed. The one overhanging my driveway especially.
French Quarter Fest starts tomorrow–a three-day food, music and drinking festival on the streets of the Quarter. Here’s a link, if you’re interested: But the bad news is that strong thunderstorms and rain are predicted for this afternoon and into tomorrow. Bummer.
The biggest Spring festival is Jazz Fest – This is a ten-day long outdoor festival held at the Fair Grounds, a race track about five blocks from my house. I used to live even closer, and these two weekends tie up the parking, congest the traffic, and from my porch I can hear the sounds of the festival, but not any one musician. There are dozens of stages, big star performers, and it seems like hundreds of food booths and juried crafts for sale. You can’t just show up and try to sell your handicrafts or food. You have to submit samples for their approval. Hopefully, the weather will be better for Jazz Fest. But except for shutting down the huge music stages with all the electrical sound equipment, thunderstorms don’t seem to deter the crowds. See more details here: . Besides the threats of thunderstorms, the other warning about Jazz Fest is that by the end of April, we’re into summertime. It’s very hot and humid.
So after promoting my novella and promoting New Orleans, I am happy to report that I started a new story as soon as I finished that blog about what to do next. I opened a folder I’d set up labeled “New Ideas” and guess what I found inside? I laughed out loud. There was only one sticky note with a phrase I’d written down from something I read. The phrase was “He loved the taste of her mouth.” And a whole story opened in front of me – the title: “The Taste of Her” is a murder mystery where the bad guy seeks to lick the women he captures and kills. I’m nearly fifty pages into it and having a great time.

What goes on in the Spring where you live? What are you working on? I’m also finishing a quilt for my husband’s niece. Will post some pictures next time.
Have a beautiful day, and if you decide to buy my book and like it, give me a good review and tell your friends. If you don’t like it, please just tell me. (-:

15 thoughts on “Red Letter Day-First Publication

  1. I just bought it! Am in the middle of something else, but it will be next on my reading list… congratulations! June


  2. I just bought it! It is on my Kindle right now! Congratulations! Too bad we don’t know a way to have you autograph digital copy! LOL! Teona


    • Hi my friend. Great to hear from you. Trouble is this is a digital-only publication, Sorry. No hard copy is available.
      Starting small. Hoping later novels will be available in print versions.
      Hope all is well with you and yours.


  3. Hi Alice,
    I just found out I won The Red Halter Top on The Romance Reviews’ Sizzling Summer Reads contest. I did a search and came here to learn more about it. I tell you, it must be fate. I saw this blog post, and the date for publication is my birthday. So, the gift was a little late in getting to me, but better late than never! I’m looking forward to reading it, and I wish you much success with you writing.


  4. Hi, Alice. I found out today that I won The Red Halter Top on The Romance Reviews’ Sizzling Summer Reads contest. I did a search and stopped by to learn more about it. I was so surprised by what I found. I see the day of publication was my birthday. I guess I was meant to win it! Good thing I have never minded a late birthday present.

    So glad you could be part of the giveaway, and I’m looking forward to reading your book. I wish you lots of success with your writing.


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