Pugs as Comfort Dogs?

This link is to the website for one group of Comfort Dogs who were used both for the kids in the Sandy Hook tragedy and those wounded at the Boston Marathon bombing, among other places. http://www.k9comfort.org These dogs are Golden Retrievers, although I doubt they needed much training. Goldens are, I’m told, naturally friendly and cooperative dogs. I sure hope so cause we’re getting a Golden Retriever puppy in a few weeks. Lolas birth announcment Lola had nine puppies, seven females, so I’m expecting that we’ll get a female. We’re still discussing names, although it’s Wayne’s turn to pick the name. I shudder to think what he’ll choose. Little A**hole is his latest suggestion. EGADS!! I like the one on the far right with her paw around the next puppy. We’ll see. Stay tuned for more cute pictures.

What I want to propose today is that folks consider pugs as comfort dogs. IMG_0828 Isn’t that cutest face? How could anyone resist him? This dog, named Cooper, was adopted into our family a few years ago. He’d been kept too much in a dog crate, and he still runs into his if I scold him. Now he just sleeps in there at night.

My husband, Wayne, loves this dog totally despite his tendency to ‘mark’ various places in the house; to bark furiously at everything–airplanes, garbage trucks, the mail person, my shadow, you name it; and to ignore you when you call him. Aside from all that, he’s a loving, happy dog who always prefers to sit in Wayne’s or anybody’s lap and chew on a toy. That is, unless someone rings the door bell, then he launches himself like a rocket to race to the door and BARK.

But I think folks are missing the boat to not use these guys as comfort or therapy dogs. What kind of dogs do you have? Are you a dog or a cat person? I’d love to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Pugs as Comfort Dogs?

  1. We have five cats and a bird. Since we live in a mobile home park, a dog would be a bit difficult… plus we like independent animals (ones that don’t have to be taken outside on a schedule), but I have to say, I met very few animals I didn’t like. Best wishes for a great journey with your new puppy!


    • Thanks for your comment, Renee. Do the cats like the bird? We have a canary and a parrot, but the cats almost never see them. Dogs are interested when the parrot flys to the floor, but they don’t get too close. He can bite.


  2. I’m definitely a cat person, but my husband loves boxers. Our old-timer boxer passed away in March, but now we have a new boxer puppy. He’s stinkin’ cute, which saves him for every time he makes a mess in the house. My cats do not approve. 🙂


    • There are also 4 cats in the house, kept in my son and his wife’s room. My husband and I like cats but he get an allergy attack around them and they can be damaging to the furniture. But then, dogs’ messes are hardly trouble free. Many happy years with your new boxer. Good dogs. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Having been part of a therapy dog program, I can attest that almost all the dogs in that program were large breeds. Overall, they seem to do better in passing the training and testing. My 15 pound Italian Greyhound was very popular on the hospital and nursing home visits, because he was small enough to sit in a lap, or snuggle on a bed, and some folks are intimidated by big dogs. Pugs? Why not!


  4. Well, I would think pugs would be great as comfort dogs. They seem to be great with kids. Our pug has shown nothing but patience and love over the years as the poor thing has been snuggled, climbed over, knocked off the couch and practically sat on. They’re great with kids naturally but I also think that their small size yet hearty build makes them especially suited for being around kids. And as far as adults, we hosted a meet up group here once and our pug spent the evening “working the room” lol. He went up to each and every person and sat on their foot and put his head on their hand or lap and made sure that he gave a little love to everybody.


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