Fabric from France

Wayne and I returned last Wednesday night from 2 weeks in France. The cruise was really lovely although the weather wasn’t. Way too much rain, and gloomy skies. But we had fun. I’m just about spoiled from having my meals served and wine poured. Met some really fun people on board and plan to keep in touch with them. IMG_0305

The rumors or gossip that French people are kinda arrogant and aloof were confirmed for some of the folks we met. Shop keepers were friendly and accommodating, but few spoke any English, at least outside of Paris. The worst for me was some of the tour guides – their English was sometimes hard to understand. But more importantly, a couple of them talked constantly so that no one could ask any questions. Interrupting them was hard. When I finally managed to break in to ask one for a bathroom break, she replied, “Now?” I mean seriously. She didn’t like it and escorted all of us back to where there were bathrooms, insisting the break was only for emergencies. Fifteen women got in line.

But aside from all that, we got to do some shopping not only in Paris, Dijon and Lyon, as well as Arls and Avignon. As many of you know, I’m a quilter and have posted pictures of ones in the past.
In Lyon, I think it was, I found a fabric and yarn shop where they had packets of cuttings of several similarly colored fabrics. They cost 30 Euro each, so I bought 2 of them–one several yellows and another several blues.

Now in the U.S., these types of packets are what we call ‘fat quarters.’ These are half-yard pieces of 42-inch fabrics that are cut in half. This gives a piece approximately 21 by 18 inches, while a half-yard would be 42 by 18.

Imagine my surprise when I opened these packets and found I had strips measuring 42 by 9 inches, an exact 1/4 yard.

Picture shows the stack after I IMG_0585 washed them. Are good quality cotton and are completely usable, just not like I expected. So caution quilters— quarters in Lyon, France, are not the fat quarters we are used to in the U.S.

Ever been surprised with a purchase in a foreign country? Anyone have similar unfriendly behavior from the French?

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