The Joys of Writing

I’m a happy woman when I am writing. Welcome to the Soul Mate BLOG HOP. After you’ve enjoyed my comments and pictures, please return to Cheryl’s site to continue hopping.

My writing schedule is three to four hours a day, whether creating a new story (that’s the best) or editing and fixing one (harder but still satisfying). I don’t try to work on Sat or Sun, mostly because there are too many distractions when my husband is home. God Bless Him, he seems to think that a ‘quick question’ is not an interruption–where’s the grocery list? Did you see my glasses? What are we having for dinner?
The rest of my household (my younger son, his wife, and son, and my older son) are usually gone to work or school and/or sleeping in the mornings, which is when I write. But we can’t forget the three dogs and two birdsIMG_0828IMG_0660
Here are two of the dogs – our pug and the nine-month-old Golden Retiever. The Golden is a rambunctious and high energy dog who stirs up the other two. The third one – our yellow lab IMG_0537
is shown here with parrot poop on his head. Was standing in the path when I carried the parrot into the kitchen.IMG_0021The point of all this that I have an endless supply of ideas and incidents to include in my stories. The first one doesn’t have any pets, but all the rest do. The Taste of Her has an akita, and we had one until she had cancer. Miss her still.IMG_0027

Happy reading and enjoy my novella–The Red Halter Top, and watch for The Taste of Her–coming soon. Back to the BLOG HOP

2 thoughts on “The Joys of Writing

  1. Adorable dogs! I love when I’m in my office writing and either my hubby or kids pop a head in and say, “Are you writing?” I just want to say…”Of course not. When I’m at the computer, talking to myself, with my fingers typing…I’m just mediating. Please come on in.” 🙂


    • I used to put a tri-fold screen up between my computer and the rest of the room to signal that I’m writing, but that Golden (name is Sammy) keeps knocking it down. oh well.. Thanks for your comment.


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