Getting Older – Beats the Alternative

Getting Older–Beats the Alternative

That’s what everyone says when I complain about stuff that stops working or deteriorates as I get older. I know it’s a privilege and I certainly am not wasting my time on reality TV or cleaning house. Apologies to those who love Honey Boo-Boo.

But…early signs are your eyesight begins to fail at reading, then your hair starts to turn gray (and/or falling out for you guys). Next your joints stiffen – especially if you took up jogging–that messed up both of my knees. Also throw in there your teeth–you need crowns or implants or maybe even dentures. Egads! Is there no end to it?

My latest struggle is with my knees. I have arthritis from the aforementioned running along with just getting older. Does anyone know the source of arthritis? We can invent drugs for hair loss and erectile dysfunction (Notice these are for men’s problems), but we can’t figure out the cause of arthritis??

When I first saw a physician’s assistant for knee pain, he told me that after over sixty years of use of my joints, what did I expect? A lot more than he had to offer. I went through shark something injections, cortisone injections, endless exercises, until finally I gave in and had a total knee replacement. Not much fun, and three months of rehab was necessary before it quit hurting. However, now six years later, it hurts. And now arthritis has settled in for my other knee.

The orthopedic surgeon is salivating over replacing my other knee…Geeze, I don’t want to have to do that, at least not yet.

My biggest problem, beside the aches and pain, is standing up. When I’ve been sitting for awhile, like at the computer or the sewing machine, and I go to stand up, it’s very hard. So I started thinking about using a walking cane. But…you really look like an old lady when you use a cane, and apologies those who need them. It’s handy for smacking or jabbing people, but that’s not nice, is it? I guess I’m just resisting the future. Better than a wheel chair, and a wheel chair is better than….?

Here is a picture of the selection at my local Walgreen’s. Uck! Isn’t the pink one the ugliest thing you ever saw? So I passed. Maybe I’ll succumb another time, but I’ll have to have better looking choices before I give in.

This is the selection at my local drug store

This is the selection at my local drug store

Any comments, suggestions, solutions?

Keywords: arthritis, knee pain, stiff joints, walking cane, humor

One thought on “Getting Older – Beats the Alternative

  1. But if you buy a cane or a walker, then I can finally buy some of those Tennis Ball “Walker Balls” . I’ve been dying to buy a set of those for someone as a gag gift! (Heee hee) Love ya!


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